Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Renew Malaysian passport in UK (London)

[Update, 12/04/2017]
This article is 7 years old and there has been some change since then.
Eg. The new address is 52 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4LR. Hardcopy photo is not required, will capture it on the spot, etc. Please read visitors comments below the article to get some insight of the recent change and their experience.

Below is the original article dated 21/07/2010

Just to share some info regarding how to renew Malaysian passport at UK.
I'll make it short and simple based on my own experience.
  1. Take any transportation method to 45 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QT
  2. Walk down to basement
    - Photoshop is on the left, go straight
      (if you doesn't have blue background passport photo, you may take it here, it cost £5)
    - Reception & waiting room is on the right
  3. Walk in and go straight to the reception and sign the guest book. You'll then be called and given a ticket number (you'll need to show him your passport, IC, & photos as well).
    [I guess the purpose of showing them is to verify you have the required documents]
  4. Wait till your number is displayed on the notification board, walk out the waiting room, turn right (has to open the door)
  5. Walk straight to the end, the counter is over there to process your passport renewal application
  6. You’ll need pass these to the staff:
    - Passport
    - Original IC
    - Photostat IC (1x)
    - Passport photo (2x)
  7. Sit and wait
  8. You'll be called again to scan the thumb print for both hand (digital scanning)
    (You're required to put on the ink and thumb print on the application form as well)
  9. Pay the fees (cost £50 for 32 pages)
  10. You'll be given the receipt with time to come back to collect the passport
  11. Return to the Malaysian High Commission office at the time slot indicated in the receipt and go straight to the counter (not the waiting room) [usually 3.00pm - 4.00pm]
  12. Pass the blue receipt to the staff and wait to be called
  13. Called and collect passport

Common questions & answers:
  • Can I carry bag(s) or mobile phone into Malaysian High Commission office?
    Yes, you're allowed to carry bag(s) into the waiting room.
    (I've called Malaysian High Commission to check prior to the visit)

  • If passport expire earlier than visa, do I need to transfer the visa to the new passport?
    No, you doesn't need to transfer the visa, you may travel together with the old passport.
    (I've called UK Border to check).

  • How long is the processing time for Malaysian passport renewal at London, UK?
    Process and collect on the same day.

  • What time is the Malaysian High Commission office open for application and collection?
    For application: 9.00am - 11.00am
    For collection: 3.00pm - 4.00pm

  • What's the website of Malaysian High Commission office at London, UK? (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia London)
  • Is there any passport photo or photocopy service at Malaysian High Commission office at London, UK?
    Passport photo: To the left at the main entrance (at basement)
    Photocopy: Eg. I/C. To the right in the waiting room

The above details is my experience as of 20/07/2010.
I would suggest you visit the website for latest info.


  1. I have renewed my passport at London on Monday. Passport photos will be taken at the counter without any charge

    1. Hi, I am planning to renew my passport in June. Did you need to call to make an appointment?

      ShawFen (Germany)

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  2. how long is the waiting time before you hand in all the documents?

  3. Thanks for this - it's very helpful! One question. Do you have to complete a passport application form, and if so, where do you get it from?

    1. Hi, it has been 5 and a half year since the visit, can't remember it well. If it needs to fill in something, I guess the form will be available there.

  4. Hi there,

    I'm wondering if I could renew my passport in London, even if I don't live in the UK but in Germany? Just that it'll take about 4 weeks for my passport to be renewed in Berlin! T_T

    Sorry for the lame question but since I don't live in London, I can't call them.


    1. Probably best for you to get some Skype credit and call them, that would give you better info than rely on the public, which doesn't always be right. More info at this link:

  5. Hello, I just renewed my passport today (Thursday). I arrived at 9.15am and was the 4th person there. Reception checked that I had my documents (originals of passport + IC, photocopy of IC, and photocopy of UK Visa) and got me to write down my UK address and phone number on a scrap piece of paper. I was called in 10-15 minutes, and gave those documents (with that small piece of paper) to the person at the counter. Photo was taken with the counter, and I was asked to wear the blazer (provided by them) since my grey jumper blended in together with the grey background. They scanned for both thumbprints.

    The passport renewal form has gone digital, so they typed in the stuff that you probably have provided in the past, together with your UK details as provided. Then they printed the form out, and asked for my signature and thumbprint on the physical copy. I paid the full price of £41 for 48/50 pages. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

    They gave me back my IC and told me to go back in the afternoon, 3-4pm, with the small pink slip of paper with my name. So I went back in the afternoon and all I had to do was to give them the slip of paper.

    I am just providing this personal experience should anyone need it since I was anxious about it and thought others might benefit from this recount! The website is accurate for my case.

    1. Thanks! Needed to know the timings since I'll be travelling with family.

    2. Is that the new passport with a logo at the bottom of the cover - like a rectangle with a circle in the middle?

  6. Zhenjie ... You have answered to all the questions that almost everyone needs to know ... which have help me a lot as I was planning to renew my passport next week .. Thank you very much x

  7. Hi,Peter.May i kbow how if the person do not have any uk visa?can he still renew?he is overstayed for 15years.thank

  8. Guys, if it helps below is the official response in regards to my query about renewing Malaysian passport in UK. I hope this will be beneficial info.


    You can renew your passport early. However, the maximum balance returning to you is up to 6 months only (5 years + remaining months). You are getting the latest ICAO ePassport 48 pages (standard: 5 years).

    There is no online or postal service. Come in person at MHC Immigration office in London between Mondays to Fridays except public holidays (9am - 12pm). Thumb print, thumb scan and live photo need to be taken. It is the same day of collection service (3pm - 4pm). It's walk-in service based on queue system.

    ● Original valid current passport
    ● Original and 1 copy of I/C
    ● Original and 1 copy of valid immigration status at residing country (residence permit e.g. PR, ROA, work/student or dependant permit)

    ● Original and 1 copy of Malaysian marriage cert (lady: adding marital name is optional)
    ● GB£41 cash (exact fee, please)
    ● No form or instant photos is required. All will be done by computerized at the counter.


    1. hello G, thanks for the info, you said there is no online service, but I can see London collection/pick up for online service. I have been trying to ring them to find out, no luck.

    2. Hi Mayli, I tried to renew my passport online today but each time I proceeded to Payment I failed. I did ring MHC before I tried the online application and I was not told that one can't apply online in the UK.

  9. I renew my passport on 11 APR 2017. Malaysia High Commission been move to 52 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4LR. Nearest station is Holborn Station. One you see the building, do not go to front door. Way pass a alleyway, it will be a small door on the right hand side on the building. Process stay the same like other people mention. No photo needed. Just photocopy passport, IC or birth certificate, PR or Visa. and forty one pound cash (just cash).

  10. Hello everyone, just wondering if this applies to Malaysian student studying in London as well? Will they transfer student visa from old passport to the new one? My current passport is expiring on Dec 2018 and I can't renew it before my flight to the uk (September 2017, way too early to renew now!). Am a bit anxious about the renewal process in London since I am planning to travel to Europe next summer, after my study, most probably July or august - might not satisfy the six month passport validity requirements. Thanks a lot people!

    1. You don't have to renew your passport till next year also to travel around Europe you just need a passport with min 1 month validity

    2. it is doubtful that the student visa can be transfered. However, the principle is the same as the visa for Leave to Remain (Permanent Resident). Keep the expired passport with the student visa. Upon entering UK, present both new and old passport (with student visa), this should be fine.

  11. hello, anyone tried renewing passport online in UK ?

    1. You cannot renew Malaysian passport online in the UK. Have to be there in person.

  12. howdy, your websites are really good. I appreciate your work. london visa from india

  13. I am still holding the old IC which is not Malaysian Identity Card MyKAD (New version of IC). Are they accept it if I apply in person? Thx

  14. Is the Malaysian High Comm wheelchair accessible (to renew passport)?

  15. To go into detail, my passport expires in Feb 2019 and I would like to return for a visit in Dec 2018. I preferably would like to renew my passport in Malaysia as my OKU card is there. Anyone knows if I would have a problem leaving the UK and entering Malaysia with less than 6 months validity on my passport?

    Otherwise I'd have to renew in London, hence my original question.