Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Method to stop AOS when it stuck at "stopping" at Services

Sometimes when you stop AOS, it stuck at the “Stopping” state (Eg. like, forever), you can get it stopped by killing the Ax32Serv.exe.
This way, you don’t need to restart the whole server.

1. Open Event Viewer
2. Filter with event Id “149”
3. Find the PID of the AOS you wanted to stop

4. Open Task Manager
5. Select the Ax32Serv.exe which has the same PID number as you found in Step #3

*If the “PID” column is not shown, just click on View > Select columns > check the PID > Click “OK”

6. End task for this program
7. Refresh the “Services” and you’ll see it stopped now

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dynamics AX regular expression - match()

Regular expression is a powerful tool for matching a text pattern, but it is not often seen in AX.

I've seen a developer coded a method today to validate a text string, return true if the text contains digit only (0-9), return false if either one of the character in the text contain non-digit, the method is ~6 lines long, find and loop through each character.

There's an easier way to achieve the same result - use of Regular expression.
The method can be simplified to 1 line.

This change, saved 0.31ms (from the trace captured), although the number looks small, but when this is executed millions time, it does cost a lot.

In the sample file I received, it imports around 20 million lines, given the 0.31ms saving, that reduce the execution time by:

> Time saved in ms x 20m lines = 6,200,000ms

> Time saved in seconds = 6,200 seconds
> Time saved in minutes = 103 minutes
> Time saved in hours = 1.72 hours

Using regular expression ===============================
//Return TRUE if '_text' contain digit only, otherwise return FALSE
boolean validateTextMatch(str _text)
    return !match("[^0-9]", _text);

Using strFind() & subStr() in loop =========================
boolean  validateTextLoop(str _text)
    int     counter, textLen = strlen(_text);
    Phone   validNumbers = '0123456789';

    for(counter = 1; counter <= textLen; counter ++)
        if(!strfind(substr(_text,counter,1), validNumbers, 1, 10))
            return false;
    return true;

Screenshot showing the trace time of both methods

Dynamics AX - skipDataMethods & set based operation

Sometimes when importing large number of records (Eg. millions of lines), the quickest way is to use:
  • insert_recordset
  • update_recordset
  • delete_from

But these set base operation will roll back to row-by-row operation when either of the following condition is true:
  • it is not an SQL table (Eg. temporary table)
  • Database log is enabled for the table
  • Alert is setup for this table
  • Record level security is enabled for the table
  • AOSValidation method is overwritten
  • when using insert_recordset
    • the .insert() method is overwritten
  • when using update_recordset
    • the .update() method is overwritten
  • when using delete_from
    • the .delete() method is overwritten
    • DeleteAction is defined

To prevent it from fallback to row-by-row operation, the following method can be used if:
  • Delete action is defined, use skipDeleteActions
  • Database log is setup, use skipDatabaseLog
  • Alert is setup, use skipEvents
  • Method is overloaded (.insert(), .update, .delete()), use skipDataMethods

Non-SQL table does not support set base operation.

NOTE: Only use these if it is logically correct to skip the row-by-row triggered operation (Eg. Database log, alert, RLS, overloaded method, etc)

Ref: http://msdn.microsoft.com/EN-US/library/aa849875