Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dynamics AX - skipDataMethods & set based operation

Sometimes when importing large number of records (Eg. millions of lines), the quickest way is to use:
  • insert_recordset
  • update_recordset
  • delete_from

But these set base operation will roll back to row-by-row operation when either of the following condition is true:
  • it is not an SQL table (Eg. temporary table)
  • Database log is enabled for the table
  • Alert is setup for this table
  • Record level security is enabled for the table
  • AOSValidation method is overwritten
  • when using insert_recordset
    • the .insert() method is overwritten
  • when using update_recordset
    • the .update() method is overwritten
  • when using delete_from
    • the .delete() method is overwritten
    • DeleteAction is defined

To prevent it from fallback to row-by-row operation, the following method can be used if:
  • Delete action is defined, use skipDeleteActions
  • Database log is setup, use skipDatabaseLog
  • Alert is setup, use skipEvents
  • Method is overloaded (.insert(), .update, .delete()), use skipDataMethods

Non-SQL table does not support set base operation.

NOTE: Only use these if it is logically correct to skip the row-by-row triggered operation (Eg. Database log, alert, RLS, overloaded method, etc)



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