Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Create Dynamics AX Trace Parser database

If you're wondering how can you create Dynamics AX Trace Parser database, it's created through the "Register Database" menu.
Here're the step:
1. Open Dynamics AX Trace Parser2. Click on: File > Register Database

Older version of Trace Parser
3. Enter the details for 'DatabaseServer' and 'DatabaseName'

Newer version of Trace Parser (come with AX2012)

4. If the database never exist, it will prompt for confirmation to create the database, else it will just register and use it.

*NOTE: Do not use old/previous version of TraceParser database on a newer TraceParser. Someone might thought, backup the existing DB, restore it and use it on new version of TraceParser, it might looks OK when you start up, but might throw unexpected error when you import trace file or view the existing trace. Another common issue, which is similar to the above, is connecting newer version TraceParser to old TraceParser database.

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