Sunday, 2 October 2011

Post/update sales quotation through X++

Unfortunately AX doesn't provide convenient API for sales quotation just like it provides for sales order which does the update in a few simple lines.

salesFormLetter = SalesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::PackingSlip); 

For Sales quotation, it has the API for part of the status, that's to post/update "Lost" or "Cancel".
To post/update "Quotation" (Sent) or "Confirmation", you'll have to do a little bit of work.

Looking into \Classes\SalesQuotationEditLinesForm\mainOnServer(), it has almost everything you need to update the quotation, but it needs a bit of modification to run without user interaction.  The .prompt() in ::mainOnServer() collect some input through user interaction, you'll need to pass in these parameters to update the quotation so that you can skip the .prompt().

I'll skip elaborate further as I think by looking at a sample code, you'll immediately gets the idea.

The following code assume you have passed in the variable 'salesQuotationTable'.

/* UPDATE SALES QUOTATION TO "Sent" or "Confirmation"

SalesQuotationEditLinesForm  salesQuotationEditLinesForm;
ParmId                       parmId;

salesQuotationEditLinesForm = SalesQuotationEditLinesForm::construct(DocumentStatus::Quotation); //DocumentStatus
parmId                      = salesQuotationEditLinesForm.parmId();


salesQuotationEditLinesForm.initParameters(NoYes::No, //printFormletter,
                                           NoYes::No, //transferHours2Forecast,
                                           NoYes::No, //transferExpenses2Forecast,
                                           NoYes::No, //transferFees2Forecast,
                                           NoYes::No, //transferItems2Forecast,
                                           'TheReasonCode', //reasonCode,
                                           NoYes::No); //usePrintManagement);


/* UPDATE SALES QUOTATION TO "Lost" or "Cancelled"
salesQuotationUpdate = SalesQuotationUpdate::constructFromSalesQuotationTable(salesQuotationTable, SalesQuotationStatus::Cancelled);;


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