Thursday, 1 March 2012

Add sales order confirmation into batch through code

One of the performance work done for our client is to create an additional button for quick order confirmation. They usually use all the default settings and don't make any changes during the prompt and most of the case they just post all the quantity. We retain the existing posting button and add another one for quick post (order confirmation). The main objective is just to let them post it then regain control and move on to the next task rather than spending time waiting for the prompt and click OK, then wait for the process to finish.

Without any code development, it can actually be done through the "Batch" button at the post Confirmation prompt, but the requirement we have is to complete the work in the least time possible, what we've done is just to bring this manual user process into code.

The usual posting can be done by 2 lines:

salesFormLetter = SalesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::PackingSlip); 

But that involve wait time, the user needs to wait till the posting to finish before they regain control and move on to the next task, so we modify it a bit to put the job into batch and return the control to user.

I've extracted the code into a job to show it here.
The "Init values" section is done as a setup in our solution, but I've replaced it with hard coded text here to shows the use of SalesFormLetter and add them into batch through code.

It is separated into 3 sections:

  1. Initialize the values
  2. Construct the SalesFormLetter class and pass in the required parameters & PrintJobSettings
  3. Create the batch job and task

static void Job1(Args _args)
    SalesFormLetter     salesFormLetter;
    SalesId             salesId;
    SalesTable          salesTable;
    BatchInfo           batchInfo;
    BatchHeader         batchHeader;
    BatchGroupId        groupId;
    BatchCaption        batchInfoCaption, batchHeaderCaption;
    PrintJobSettings    printJobSettings;
    boolean             printToFile;
    NoYes               printReport;
    FileName            fileName;

    //Init values ==============================================================
    salesId             = "SO-101263";
    salesTable          = salesTable::find(salesId);
    fileName            = strFmt("\\\\serverName\\SOConfirmation_%1.pdf", salesId);
    groupId             = "TST";
    batchInfoCaption    = "Order confirmation posting: " + salesId;
    batchHeaderCaption  = "Order confirmation: " + salesId;
    printReport         = NoYes::Yes;
    printToFile         = false; //If 'printReport' is true, then this indicate print to file or printer

    //Construct SalesFormLetter and init values ================================
    salesFormLetter = SalesFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::Confirmation);
    salesFormLetter.transDate          (systemdateget());
    salesFormLetter.specQty            (SalesUpdate::All);
    salesFormLetter.proforma           (NoYes::No);
    salesFormLetter.printFormLetter    (printReport);
    salesFormLetter.printCODLabel      (NoYes::No);
    salesFormLetter.printFreightSlip   (NoYes::No);
    salesFormLetter.printShippingLabel (NoYes::No);
    salesFormLetter.usePrintManagement (false);
    salesFormLetter.creditRemaining    (salesFormLetter.creditRemaining());
    salesFormLetter.initParameters(salesFormLetter.salesParmUpdate(), Printout::Current);

    printJobSettings = new PrintJobSettings(salesFormLetter.printerSettingsFormletter(PrintSetupOriginalCopy::Original));

    //Init BatchInfo, BatchHeader, and add into batch job ======================
    batchInfo = salesFormLetter.batchInfo();

    batchHeader = batchInfo.parmBatchHeader();

Order confirmation added into batch job

Batch job waiting to be executed

Task within the batch job, waiting to be executed  

Task completed
Note: The order confirmation process added additional task to it when it executes. 

Report printed into the Print Archive

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