Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dynamics AX buf2Buf and buf2BufByName

One of the useful method from standard AX is the buf2Buf(), it behave similar to table's .data() method with one difference - buf2buf doesn't copy system field. Another reason of using buf2buf is copying of record from one company to another company. When using changeCompany(), the .data() method copy all field including DataAreaId and when insert(), DataAreaId field does not change, hence, the record is not inserted into the company indicated in the changeCompany(), here is where buf2Buf() comes in handy - copy all field except system field, then during insert(), let the system assign values to system field.

Sometimes, there're some functionality requires copy data from one table to another table which has similar structure (Eg. to history or logging table), in this case, the .data() and buf2Buf() cannot be used. But we can make some modification to the buf2Buf() method to copy based on field name instead of field Id.

Below are the two methods:
> buf2Buf() - Standard AX method
> buf2BufByName() - modified method

//Standard AX method, copy data based on field Id

static void buf2Buf(Common  _from, Common  _to)
    DictTable   dictTable = new DictTable(_from.TableId);
    fieldId     fieldId   = dictTable.fieldNext(0);

    while (fieldId && ! isSysId(fieldId))
        _to.(fieldId)   = _from.(fieldId);
        fieldId         = dictTable.fieldNext(fieldId);

//Modified method, copy data from one table to another table with similar structure

static void buf2BufByName(Common  _from, Common  _to)
    DictTable   dictTableFrom   = new DictTable(_from.TableId);
    DictTable   dictTableTo     = new DictTable(_to.TableId);
    DictField   dictFieldFrom;
    FieldId     fieldIdFrom     = dictTableFrom.fieldNext(0);
    FieldId     fieldIdTo

    while (fieldIdFrom && ! isSysId(fieldIdFrom))
        dictFieldFrom   = new DictField(_from.TableId, fieldIdFrom);

            fieldIdTo = dictTableTo.fieldName2Id(;

                _to.(fieldIdTo) = _from.(fieldIdFrom);

        fieldIdFrom = dictTableFrom.fieldNext(fieldIdFrom);

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