Monday, 12 November 2012

Read unicode CSV file with thousand separator or comma in text value

There're a few classes available in Dynamics AX for reading text or CSV file.
When Unicode and value with comma as text is involved, choosing the correct class is important.

Below are some of the classes and their hierarchy.

Class name      Class declaration
==============  =================================
IO              class Io          extends Object
+- CommaIo      class CommaIo     extends Io
|  +- TextIo    class TextIo      extends CommaIo
|  +  Comma7Io  class Comma7Io    extends CommaIo
|  +- AsciiIo   class AsciiIo     extends CommaIo
+- CommaTextIo  class CommaTextIo extends Io

Given a CSV file with the following line:

It contain both Unicode text (Eg. 외환은행) and value with comma as value (Eg. 2,350).
The 2,350 needs to be read as 2350 instead of 2 and 350.
The screenshot below shows how each class read the line.

CommaTextIo correctly read Unicode text and amount with thousand separator

CommaIo correctly read the amount with thousand separator but not the Unicode text

TextIo correctly read Unicode text but not the amount with thousand separator (The amount supposed to be 2350 not 2 and 350)

AsciiIo incorrectly read both Unicode text and amount with thousand separator

Below is a sample code used to read the CSV file, the screenshots above are captured by running the job below for each of the class mentioned (CommaTextIo, CommaIo, TextIo, & AsciiIo).

static void TestReadCSV(Args _args)
    CommaTextIo        commaTextIo;
    container          lineCon;
    commaTextIo = new CommaTextIO(@'C:\UnicodeSample.csv', #io_read);
    lineCon =;
    while(lineCon && (commaTextIo.status() == IO_Status::Ok))
        info(conPeek(lineCon, 4));
        lineCon =;

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