Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Replenishment error - Location xxxxxx failed due to the strategy

Just a quick post for non-developer who hit this error and looking for solution.

Path to functionality:

  • Warehouse management > Periodic > Replenishments
  • Warehouse management > Inquiries > History > Work creation history log

The error message "Location xxxxxx failed due to the strategy" in "Work creation history log" is due to the "Total available" is less than "Physical stock".

Before replenishment run:
- License plate 90, Physical stock = 106, Total available = 96
- License plate 91, Physical stock = 100, Total available = 100

When the replenishment run, it check whether it can locate a full license plate, if it can’t, then it give the “Location xxxxxx failed due to the strategy.” error.

The way it finds the full license plate is by checking the Total available against the Physical stock (this is a simplified explanation of the logic, it does much more than these two checking).

In this instance, LP 01C02E is not fully available (Physical stock is 106, but Total available is only 96), hence, error.
Then it check next LP, 01C03E, this is fully available (Physical stock is 100, Total available is 100), hence, successfully use it.

The code which checks and produce the error is location at this path: \Classes\WHSLocationDirective\performStrategyLPLocate

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