Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Import with ID values will retain ID from other layer

More details on layer & ID

Any object created in VAR layer usually has an ID range between 30001 - 40000.
Eg. 30001, 30002, 30003 ... etc.

This is true if the object is CREATED from that layer, but not if you created it by IMPORT with ID.

Let's say, you created a field in USR layer, export with ID, delete from USR layer, then import with ID into VAR layer. When the new field is imported into VAR layer with ID, it doesn't create a new ID, but it do as the option says - Import the ID, so, you'll get USR ID in VAR layer.

Eg (screenshots below):

  1. A new field 'ReadyToPost' is created in USR layer at CustInvoiceTable
  2. Export the table, then delete if from USR layer
  3. Login to VAR layer and import with ID
  4. You'll then see the new field 'ReadyToPost' created in VAR layer, but having USR layer ID.

Option - Import with ID
USR layer ID retained - 50002

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