Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Trick to add included column in AX2009

Ref. and more details at: http://daxdilip.blogspot.com/2011/05/tip-how-to-avoid-overriding-of-sql.html

In brief, included column is not supported in AX2009, but is now supported in AX2012.
To work around that in AX2009, it is to write the included column SQL statement and fire it up at the end of the AX synchronization (\Classes\Application\dbSynchronize).

You'll need to put some thought on the pro and cons before implement it, a proper control procedure should be put in place due to other developer from your project team might not aware of this extra SQL script.

- Included column available in AX2009

- Maintenance of the index
- Overhead during synchronization (index will first be dropped then recreated)

- New index created outside of AX (directly into the table in SQL) will be dropped during synchronization
- Included column added directly from SQL into existing AX table's index will be dropped only if you made changes to that index in AX AOT node

Alternatively, Advanced Storage Management seems to offer this feature, I've never try it before, but thought just mention it here for anyone who looking for options.
URL: http://www.aximprove.co.uk/product_AdvancedStorageManagement.html

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