Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Asus RT-AC68U with Maxis fiber and Astro IPTV

For those who interested to get Maxis fiber + Astro IPTV working with Asus RT-AC68U router, below are the settings I used and it works for me (both Internet and IPTV is working).

*The backbone is TM Fiber

The main configurations are the WAN and IPTV settings, the rest you may set it up as you would normally do.

Physical connection
- Cable from modem LAN port to Asus router WAN port
- Cable from Asus router LAN port 4 to Astro IPTV decoder

- WAN Connection Type: PPPoE
- User name: <your user Id>
- Password: <your password>

*Call the support line if you don't have this information.

- Select ISP Profile: Manual
- Internet: VID = 621
- LAN port 4: VID = 823
- LAN port 3: WID = 822

Credit to: schizophreak ( forum user)

Some screenshots of the settings

Update [03/11/2014]
After around 2 days and 2 hours of use, my family member told me the Astro is not working. I tried restart the router and modem, still not working. Then checked the Astro IPTV settings (Network > Diagnostics), it shows an IP received from Maxis directly (, Unfortunately I forgotten to capture the screenshot, can't really remember the details of the IPs. It supposed to use a local IP, but it wasn't, so I guess the connection isn't right, hence, the IPTV doesn't work.

So I turn on the router from Maxis again and connect:
- Cable from modem LAN port to Maxis' router WAN port
- Cable from Maxis' router LAN port to Astro IPTV decoder

Then the Astro IPTV works again.
This time it receive a local IP -

After that, reconnect the cable back to the Asus router just as before I did anything and it works.
- Cable from modem LAN port to Asus router WAN port
- Cable from Asus router LAN port 4 to Astro IPTV decoder

So, it seems like when connected to the Asus router, the Astro IPTV decoder didn't receive a proper IP to get it working. I'm now on this 2nd round of connection for 2 days 18 hours, it is still working.

Update [12/11/2014]
11 days 19 hours+ past, Astro IPTV is still working.
But found a drawback of using this router with Astro IPTV - it won't download program data (at least, pressing "Info" shows nothing).

Update [17/11/2014]
Coming back from a weekend day out, turning on the Astro found it "dead". Astro is not working anymore. Opening the Settings > Network > IP Diagnostics found it showing an invalid IP.

I'm done with the testing of this configuration and has switch it back to the old config/setup - Cascade router.

The setup/config:
- Cable from modem LAN port to Maxis' router WAN port
- Cable from Maxis' router LAN port to Astro IPTV decoder
- Cable from Maxis' router LAN port to Asus AC68U router, then set the router with this config/settings:
   > Administration\Operation mode\Remains as router mode
   > LAN\DHCP Server\Enable the DHCP Server = No
   > WAN\WAN connection type = Automatic IP

Using this setup/config, I still can utilize most of the features in the Asus router (Eg. QoS), apart from those who need Internet access (Eg. built in VPN).

- 29/10/2014, ~4.30pm (GMT+8): Switch from Maxis router to Asus RT-AC68U (Internet & IPTV working)
- 31/10/2014, ~6.30pm (GMT+8): Astro not working (Internet still working)
- 01/11/2014, ~2.15am (GMT+8): Reconnect to Maxis router to get IPTV working, then connect it back to Asus router
- 03/11/2014: ~8.15pm (GMT+8): Checked Astro IPTV and Internet still working on Asus router
12/11/2014: ~10.15pm (GMT+8): Checked Astro IPTV and Internet still working on Asus router
16/11/2014: Astro IPTV is "dead", switch it back to the original configuration - Cascade router


  1. Hi Peter,

    I saw from Lawyatt forum Maxis will reset ip address every 48 hours. Are you still able to watch Astro IPTV afer 48 hours?

    1. not sure about that yet, I just setup mine yesterday, got to wait a little longer to check that

    2. I've just made an update to the post for the finding I've got over the last few days.

    3. Try this. works for me.

    4. Plus your setting above... and the lan for IP TV must plug into Lan port 4

  2. Thanks for sharing the details of your testing.

  3. Wonder there is any Asus firmware for AC68U you can test Astro IPTV?



  4. This look promising.

    1. I didn't use/subscribe to the VoIP, so can't comment on that.

  5. i want change my current maxis router to ASUS (RT-AC87U) Wireless AC2400 Dual-band Gigabit Router ? is that possible ? no problems?

  6. Hi!

    In the IPTV section, what number should i set for prio in the manual VLAN settings? I want to set VOIP to have high priority.


  7. i want to change my router with asus rt-n66u... is that possible please help

  8. Thank you for sharing! I'm using a Linksys WRT1900ACS and have attempted to set up the Astro IPTV VLAN, I set up port 4 as 823 untagged. My Astro box has both LAN & Satellite input. So initially it worked. And then I disconnected the router to shift it and then Astro stopped. I rebooted the astro and tried the STB diagnostic network test and then rebooted it again. Magically it started to work, I even got Info and Guide working. So I wonder if it defaults to the satellite? I've decided to separate internet and astro to really solve the problem (and it's cheaper!) but I understand this isn't an option for people in high-rise appartments. I had a lengthy discussion with an Astro IPTV tech on the phone. It seems that astro does not offer compatibility with 3rd party routers and they know that their provided routers are incapable of providing good quality home networking. If you haven't already, it's a good idea to write to them requesting that they develop a system that allows 3rd part routers!