Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Data Management Entity export for all companies

In D365O, by default if you create an entity for a company specific table, the "Primary Company Context" property is set to DataAreaId. This affect what data is exported when the Entity is used for exporting data.

All rows from table AAA_TestTable.

AAA_TestTable entity where the "Primary Company Context" property is set to "DataAreaId".
NOTE: The "CompanyId" field is mapped to "DataAreaId" of the source table.

When an Export job is setup using this Entity, it will export the rows base on the company context.

Current company = USMF, then only records from USMF company is exported.

If the "Primary Company Context" is cleared out (empty), it will export all records regardless of the company.

It exported all records regardless of the company context.

If the Entity is used through OData service call, then the above changes is not required to make the data export cross-company. It just need to add the "cross-company=true" parameter to the service URL. Eg.

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