Monday, 16 October 2017

Create new entity error - The natural key for the table CustPackingSlipTrans was not found

When create new entity for D365, the wizard will prompt developer to select the table name, the rest is just the matter of selecting fields and finish off the wizard. But sometimes we'll get error for table without a Replacement key.

Eg. CustPackingSlipTrans.

Unfortunately you can't change the "Replacement key" for standard table unless you "Customize" it.
Table extension doesn't allow the change of this property either.

If you use the wizard to create entity for CustPackingSlipTrans, you'll get the "The natural key for the table CustPackingSlipTrans was not found" error.

To create the entity for this table, there're two choices:

  1. Manually create them (including the child datasources)
  2. Temporarily "Customize" it, then remove the "Customize" element after the entity is created

Below are the steps for Option 2 (less effort and quicker than Option 1).

1. Create a temporary index at CustPackingSlipTrans

Allow Duplicates = No
Alternate Key = Yes

*NOTE: Do not include RecId in the temp index

2. Set the temporary index as Replacement key

3. Create the new entity (Right click on the project > Add > New item > Data Model > Data entity)

4. At the wizard, select "CustPackingSlipTrans" as Primary datasource

5. Click "Next", select the required fields and finish off the wizard

6. After the new entity is created, delete the "Customized" CustPackingSlipTrans

7. Update the EntityKey with other key field that's appropriate
(If Data Management property has been set to Yes, then update the staging table as well)

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